Blossom Detective

She is a cute detective girl who holds a flower instead of smoking pipe. This cheerful girl has a unique ability that allows her to have enhanced sense of smell, almost hound-like. When she sniffs, she can recall a memory and uncover the object, person, and location that had the same scent. Even if the perfect crime left no evidence, a scent is still left behind and it will never get past the great detective Holmes.

Even though she has a great sense of smell, there is one thing that she can not stand. It’s blood. In her childhood memory, she lost someone beloved and the blood smell has been her big trauma. She can’t go to crime scene where a lot of blood spilled or even can’t be next to near somebody who has a nose bleeding. It’s a reason why she holds a flower to smell and protect her nose from the blood.

She is a young girl detective who investigates the mystery by sense of smell. Maybe, the criminal is already present somewhere in her old memory.


Jamie is Skylar’s best friend and best detective partner.

Unlike Holmes who chases after invisible evidences, this meticulous girl chases after visible evidences. She always has a unique camera that she carries around.

Other than taking photo of evidence, this camera teleports people who ever takes a selfie with it to wherever Jamie imagines. It saves Holmes and Jamie when in great danger, but when in the heat of the moment, Jamie often thinks of odd places to teleport.

Her last name is still a mystery.