About Blossom Detective Holmes

Blossom Detective Holmes is an independent animated mini-series that Steve Ahn has been passionately working on for the past half year. The journey begins with two detectives, Skylar Holmes and Jamie, as they chase after a strange intruder one night in Stockholm, Sweden. However an unexpected gunshot interrupts the chase and their first crime case unfolds..Selfie with a Strange Intruder begins.

About Steve Ahn

Creator and Director of Blossom Detective Holmes


I'm a director who craves to tell a story in a form of animated content. I always have loved animation. In thinking of my future, I can't really imagine myself doing something else other than what I'm doing today.


저는애니메이션감독스티브안입니다. 어릴적부터언제나만화영화를좋아했습니다. 지금은좋아하는만화영화를만드는일을하고있어요. 미래를생각해보면, 앞으로도계속제가좋아하는일을계속같아요.


私はアニメ監督 Steve Ahnです。子供の頃からいつもアニメを本当に好きでした。今では、その好きなアニメを作る仕事をしています。来を考えてみると、今後も引き続き私が好きなこの仕事を続けることだと思う。