Online Drawing Workshop - 8 Hrs Additional Lecture Videos in Q&A Format

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Add an additional 8 Hrs lecture video 1 year subscription to your Online Drawing Workshop. Steve shares various new lectures with demos for the questions that are commonly asked from the students at the workshop.

Some of the questions in the videos

  • How the different muscles located in the arms?
  • How the Serratus Muscle shows up on the skin?
  • How do the muscles of skinny, bony characters look? Do they almost lie flat against the skeleton?
  • How is the proportion of a child's large head with a smaller body
  • How does fat & extra mass get added on top of the muscles for larger characters?
  • How the shoulders work when the arms are raised above the head?
  • How the back muscles move?
  • Are the two large muscles in the arm the same locations as their corresponding bones?
  • How is the upper torso's proportion directly from the side view?
  • How to do foreshortening the arms?
  • Can you demo muscles based on the characters in Miyazaki film?
  • How visible is the Latissimus Dorsi from the side? Is it visible even from three-quarter view?
  • Any shortcut tips for drawing arms?
  • Can you demo shoulder muscles?
  • How the shoulder muscles look when they are stretched and squashed?
  • Can you demonstrate how to connect the legs from the torso?
  • How the lower leg muscles attach to the feet?
  • How to determine the positions of body segments such as the torso to the pelvis?
  • Does the Abdominal V-Line just follow the curve of the pelvis?
  • How the difference between male and female hips determined by Pelvic Bone?
  • Can you demo more on knee in sitting pose?
  • How to structure the butt muscles?
  • How to think the toes 3-dimensionally especially when the foot is pressed against a surface?
  • Can you demo gesture drawing of a reclining pose?
  • For those who have trouble with dynamic poses, can you explain your thought process in plotting out perspective on a pose?
  • Is it better to practice gesture drawing without reference and by imagination?
  • How to keep the balance in dynamic pose?
  • The difference between the bicep and tricep.
  • Can you demo shape drawing?
  • Can you demo eyebrows?
  • How to do a proper sad expression?
  • How to do squash and stretch within the jaw area?
  • What is the recommended default setting on Photoshop and Cintiq?
  • Any tips on drawing extreme expressions such as shock, rage and despair?
  • How to maintain the feeling of the sketch from rough to clean?
  • How to draw a character consistent when drawing them multiple times?
  • How to draw faster?
  • If the character is wearing clothing that is larger than the torso, how does one interpret the wrinkles and line work of the clothes?
  • How to draw frills?
  • How to draw a skirt in movement?
  • How to draw sneakers from a frontal with the sole bending up?
  • How to draw hair and clothing in wet?
  • How to deal with the big curly hair?
  • How to draw beards and mustaches?
  • How do beards and mustaches interact with the upper and lower lips?
  • Are there less wrinkles on the back of a shirt?
  • How to daw shoes from 3/4 view?
  • Advice on transitioning from drawing with the reference to drawing from imagination
  • Advice on transitioning from roughs to clean on complex characters.
  • And More...

* This item is only available for the students who have taken Online Drawing Workshop Full ver. or Audit ver. Otherwise, your purchase will be canceled.