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  • Become an Incidental Character in Series
  • Ending Scrawl Credit as a Character
  • Big Poster (36x22) signed by Steve Ahn
  • Hard Cover Collector’s Edition Art Book (All Art Books In One Book) Signed by Team Holmes
  • Early Online Screening for Storyboard Animatic
  • Online Private Meeting with Director Steve Ahn for the progress report
  • Character Art Print Signed by Christie Tseng or BG Art Print Signed by an Artist or Screenshot Print signed by Steve Ahn
  • Copy of Script signed by Steve Ahn
  • Access to Production Blog to see monthly progress
  • Ending Scrawl Credit
  • Holmes Backer T-Shirts
  • Movie Poster(11x14) Signed by Director Steve Ahn
  • Blu-Ray (Region Code Free/Includes Making Video/signed by Director Steve Ahn)
  • Movie Digital Download
  • Acrylic Stand Goods
  • Digital Download of all Art books
  • Official BHD Enamel Pin
  • Thank You Post Card
  • Thank you credit on the Special Video
  • Thank you credit on the Blossom website
  • Early Online Screening
  • Sound Track (MP3)
  • Digital Wallpaper


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